New Practice Set Up Services Texas

CMM knows that medical experts set up new medical clinics with a view to offering healthcare facilities to their patients. In general, special and dedicated care is the general need for every person. However, your new operation also entails giving attention to the business side of medicine.

If the business side of healthcare conks out for any reason, the medical operation will also conk out and the community forfeits a cherished asset. Our business experts at CMM provide on-site consulting to help you in dealing with the complexities of launching a new practice set up services in Texas. Why not avail of our terrific new practice set up services in Texas by reaching us at CMMS on (866)289-7063 or


If you are considering, or in the midst of, starting your own practice, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of work required. A stable start provides a strong foundation and long-term financial security, but if you don’t follow the right steps, you will find yourself in a bind. We can lay out a roadmap to help you start your practice seamlessly and run without interruption.


  1. Create a business plan and budget.
  2. Name the practice and structure as an LLC, INC, S Corporation, etc.
  3. Register the organization and acquire a Tax ID.
  4. Obtain a group NPI under the Tax ID.
  5. Get individual NPIs for each physician and PA in the practice.
  6. Process and renew your medical license application.
  7. Register for the DEA and renew as necessary.
  8. Select malpractice liability insurance and renew as necessary.
  9. Credential with insurance companies.
  10. Maintain and revalidate credentialing.
  11. Enroll in electronic data interchange (EDI).
  12. Enroll for electronic funds transfer (EFT).
  13. Negotiate insurance contracts.
  14. Arrange a lockbox service.
  15. Create and maintain payer fee schedule.
  16. Hire staff and train them to run the practice smoothly.
  17. Design and implement a marketing plan to help you develop a long-term relationship with your patients.