Medical Billing and Coding Services Texas

CMM has built a reputation as the most reliable and up-and-coming medical billing and coding service provider in Texas. Customers from all around the world may get our services for a low, low price from us. As a result, we pride ourselves on having a team of experts that have worked in the medical billing and coding industry in Texas for a long time.
However, we are confident in declaring we can handle your claims within 24 hours and that you will be completely satisfied with our service. Assurance that your billing and coding processes are handled in a fast, efficient, and smooth manner is guaranteed as a valued customer.


Because of our emphasis on speed, all claims are submitted as soon as the billing log is received here at CMM. We promise that all of our insurance claims will be paid within 60 days because of our error-free and quick claim filing, swift payment posting, and processing of accounts receivable rejection. We are able to collect a substantial proportion of unpaid invoices from patients because to our polite but diligent efforts and our excellent payment solutions. According to the organization, outsourcing your billing to CMM might result in a 10% increase in your cash flow.



As stated by the American Hospital Association (AHA), patient information, coding, and charges are all crucial to the development of error-free claims.
In order to reduce the possibility of a claim being denied by the payer, every claim is checked to verify that the POS, DOS, units, provider information, CPT code, modifiers, referring doctor and billing facility, are all right.

medical billing and coding services Texas

Patients’ demographics, diagnostic codes, modifiers, and worldwide period information may be checked against regularly updated databases prior to electronic or paper transmission, resulting in an A/R rejection rate of greater than one percent.
In order to ensure that every claim is filed correctly the first time, we have implemented a number of quality assurance methods.

In order to get the maximum reimbursement while avoiding claim rejection, we prioritize claim submissions in accordance with a time-based filing guideline.
Prior to reviewing the accident-related materials, we submit auto insurance claims with medical documentation attached.
In order to guarantee complete correctness at all times, we submit claims to clearinghouses.
Insurers that do not accept electronic submissions receive claims on CMS 1500 forms.


As soon as we get a payment from an insurance company, a patient, or an attorney, we deposit it directly into the patient’s account while keeping track of the contractual adjustment and the patient’s responsibilities.
Secondary and tertiary insurance contracts include an Explanation of Benefits, which may be provided electronically or on paper (EOB).
Payments received from insurance companies and patients are checked against each other at the end of each day to make sure nothing was missed.



For those working in medicine, coding is a need. Incorrect claim processing will result in a decrease in cash flow and an increase in the number of claim rejections.
There are many people involved in the coding process, including healthcare professionals, payers, patients, and physician administrative staff. This is a highly specialized activity. Our current denial ratio has been greatly lowered as a consequence of the coding techniques we use, leading in an increase in provider cashflow.

The steps we follow include:

  • An updated charge schedule analysis and any code changes assist to ensure that the coding process is accurate.
  • To ensure compliance with all Correct Code Initiative (CCI) updates for coded charts, adhere to CMS standards.
  • It is necessary to have a thorough understanding of how to properly employ modifiers.
  • Diagnostic and procedural coding auditing codes for the goal of disentangling specialty-specific medical coding services.
medical billing and coding services Texas