Denials are an epidemic that harm to the financial health of most practices, and they must be treated in a timely manner to get the financial success of the practice. 10% of a physician’s revenue is estimated to be lost due to lack of a denial management process.

Timely follow up is the key for high reimbursement, and we are experts at chasing down insurance companies and getting results.

Our A/R management strategy includes:

  • Obtaining reports of claims submitted successfully from clearing houses.
  • Promptly contacting insurance companies when a claim is denied, and resubmitting it with the necessary supporting documents after the appropriate corrections are made.
  • Appealing on denied claims.
  • Appeals are requests and explanations of the claim sent earlier, and state the conditions on which the claim is now eligible again for payment. Some appeals are time sensitive, so we review the most commonly denied claims, prioritize them by volume and dollar value, and file them in a timely manner to achieve 100% collection.
  • Negotiating with attorneys, insurance companies, and third parties to resolve disputed accounts
  • Tracking all claims to ensure they are filled promptly and within the timely filing limit