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I spent 12 years learning about the pain points and problems that doctors face when trying to streamline their business processes for around medical billing, insurance providers, and patient care.

In 2007, I created my own medical billing management company based on  everything I had learned and my passion for improving the cashflow for physicians. Cosmos Medical Management is an evolution of my first company (Accurate Medical Services), and I have been operating Cosmos Medical Management since 2018.

Cosmos Medical Management serves clients across the United States, and I look forward to partnering with doctors looking to take the headache out of the billing process. As your professional partner in medical billing and management, Cosmos is committed to increasing your cash flow and reducing your expenses.

Why Us


Our Mission

Enable doctors to deliver the best care while maximizing their reimbursements by providing an end-to-end solution for medical billing, coding, credentialing, and management services. We strive not only to see growth in your reimbursement but also to provide you with financial security through uninterrupted workflow.

Let CMM be an extension of your office so you can attain continuous growth in your cash flow. By partnering with CMM, you will receive 100% collection from insurance companies, because we believe you deserve no less than 100% reimbursement.

We can get you paid by major insurance companies in 60 days or less. All claims are submitted to insurance companies within 48 hours of receiving the superbill and patient information. Our quick follow-up on denied and underpaid claims gets you paid within 60 days or less. We go above and beyond to get you paid within the timely filing limit, resulting in no dollar lost from any insurance company.

95% of first claims pass acceptance, 96% of claims are paid in 30 days, and and 99% of payer claims are collected which equates to a smoother revenue stream, better collections, and increased profitability.


  1. More than two decades of experience
  2. Telemedicine billing for covid-19
  3. 100% collection from insurance companies
  4. Claims paid within 60 days
  5. A/R denials maintained >1%
  6. Electronic billing that enables faster claim processing
  7. Uninterrupted billing
  8. An extension of your back office
  9. Increased cashflow and reduced operating costs
  10. Specialty-based customized services
  11. Up-to-date with changes in the healthcare industry
  12. No need to hire and train additional employee(s) to manage and maintain billing department
  13. Reduced paperwork
  14. Savings on sick pay, vacation pay, insurance benefits, pto, disability insutance etc.
  15. Time freed up that was previously spent on the phone with insurance companies or patients
  16. No staff training and retraining required
  17. No employee turnover
  18. No commission charged until payment is received

About Us